Bertrand de Miollis



"No one can

return home

without a great treasure. "



It is always an attentive look, if not amazed,

that we wear in paintings and drawings made by artists during their travels. These works could almost constitute a genre in their own right. However, this would certainly be compartmentalizing without reason a relationship to the world made up of multiple inspirations, which precisely crosses borders through the exercise of a great freedom of creation.

Through the CircumNavigations exhibition ! Bertrand de Miollis

offers us that same freedom.

A special night - Bertrand de Miollis

Oil on canvas, 2020 - 116 cm X 89 cm

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Circumnavigation is a geographical concept, dear to the daring characters who since Antiquity have wanted to circumscribe known and unknown lands. Now, says the poet, to discover the world is to discover oneself.

For Bertrand de Miollis , the paintings thus have a “cartographic” value. They mark the place which carries the thought and the full feeling of the artist. By naming the exhibition presented today CircumNavigations! , we chose the prism of movement and

inner vitality, two constitutive states

of the artist's original personality.


Mobile or motionless traveler, Bertrand de Miollis has the art of summoning our imagination through the force of his paintings, like windows open to the world he perceives: that of a pulsating color. Under his brushes the world sings by a use of vitamins - almost greedy - of color, the universe of the intimate as that of the great horizons is "re-enchanted" in the light of the marvelous and the childhood.

Dots, quick or light touches, slow and deep brushstrokes trace as many signals and wakes, as many colored vibrations. A visual and invigorating echo of the radiance of things, Bertrand de Miollis' work beats like a child's heart.

His relationship to the world and the universality of his subject are naturally united by the metaphorical function of painting.

An intimate, poetic and mysterious journey in which things, landscapes and people merge.
An imaginary place where the distinct and the indistinct intermingle.

Bertrand de Miollis's painting teaches us that the mystery can be represented by the simple luminous presence of things, here is the lyricism and the genius of the painter, the song of the soul of the artist.

The diamond - Bertrand de Miollis

Oil on canvas, 2020 - 100 cm X 80 cm


virtual visit


Artist Bertrand de Miollis joins Galerie Artismagna to thank composer and pianist Karol Beffa

for his musical creation broadcast online during our event.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Audio track: Concerto for harp, Emmanuel Ceysson and the Contraste ensemble conducted by Johan Farjot.




One day I will leave - Bertrand de Miollis

Oil on canvas, 2020 - 54 cm X 65 cm

€ 1,950.00 - Sold work

Dating - Bertrand de Miollis

Oil on canvas, 2020 - 54 cm X 65 cm

€ 1,950.00 - Sold work

Great books light up - Bertrand de Miollis

Gouache on paper, 2018 - 41 cm X 32 cm

It's raining light - Bertrand de Miollis

Oil on canvas, 2020 - 100 cm X 73 cm

€ 3,250.00 - Sold work

The dreamer of the Alexandre III bridge - Bertrand de Miollis

Oil on canvas, 2020 - 80 cm X 100 cm

Leaving - Bertrand de Miollis

Oil on canvas, 2020 - 116 cm X 89 cm

€ 3,950.00 - Sold work

The Contemplative - Bertrand de Miollis

Oil on canvas, 2020 - 89 cm X 130 cm

€ 3,950.00 - Sold work

The trees whisper as he passes - Bertrand de Miollis

Oil on canvas, 2020 - 73 cm X 100 cm

Toro! - Bertrand de Miollis

Oil on canvas, 2020 - 130 cm X 97 cm


STORIES Of a work

Driven by a collective and united spirit

around CircumNavigations! ,

twenty emblematic personalities * from the world of Arts and Culture expressed their sensitivity and lent their voice to the works on display.

The Artismagna Gallery will publish a new story each day of the exhibition.

* Conductors, engravers, star dancers, writers, starred conductors, painters, musicians, architects, photographers, poets, art critics, collectors, decorators, musicians, specialist journalists.
And in particular Philippe Delaveau (writer and poet, Gallimard), Daniel Harding (conductor), Isabelle Schmitz (special reporter Le Figaro), Olivier Weber (writer), Nicolas Henry (artist photographer), Dominique Pagnier ( writer and poet, Gallimard),

Yann Arthus-Bertrand (photographer), Laurent Maréchaux (writer), Marc Dubrule (Artist and collector), Jonah Bokaer (choreographer and dancer) ...

Olivier weber
Writer and reporter


Born in 1972, Bertrand de Miollis lives and works in Paris.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

He first made himself known to the general public through his travel diaries. After having followed the courses of the National Superior School of Decorative Arts, he participated in 2002 in many trips on motorcycles and on the seas ... Read more