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Antonio Matallana

ANTONIO MATALLANA manifests his love for things with humility of the spirit but under a prodigious pictorial beauty that he leads at will for the greatest happiness of an exceptional painting, of a bewitching spell.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

It sometimes happens that a painter surprises us, surprises us with the quality and originality of his work. But to keep its fans in suspense for more than 30 years, to fascinate them, to enthuse them with a few small formats, that is a miracle, and such is the case of Antonio Matallana.

Multiplying the difficulties of "rendering" according to compositions strictly limited to the classic trompe-l'oeil, Matallana never ceases to associate the achievements of a breathtaking technique with the poetry that emanates from the choice of objects and patterns of incredible beauty despite, or because of, their modest use.

The sensual browns, worthy of the great Sevillian masters such as Zurbaran offer Antonio Matallana to testify to the soul of objects in an atmosphere of peace and mind, under a golden light, in an intimate setting, and of an impressive realism that I have sometimes seen imitated, but never reached this point.

expo matallana


- Paris, Cite Internationale Des Arts
- Stockholm, International Art Expo
- Cannes, Arpe Gallery
- Los Angeles, Art Expo
- New York, International Art Expo
- Rouen, Gallery
- New York, Uptown Gallery
- Philadelphia, Art Escape
- Brussels, Galerie Presences
- Berlin, (Rfa) Galerie Antoine
- South Hampton, Works Gallery
- Larchmont, Graphics Pleasures
- New York, Carolyn Hill Gallery
- Paris, Salon Of French Artists
- Paris, Salon National Des Beaux Arts
- Paris, Paul Louis Weiler Portrait Competition
- Paris, Comparison Fair
- Paris, Salon Des Independants
- Rouen, Museum of Fine Arts
- Tokyo, International Expo Musee Laforet
- Andelys, Musee Des Beaux Arts
- Texas, Dillon Gallery, Dallas

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