Chae Sung-Pil

CHAE SUNG-PIL is a South Korean artist currently residing in Paris, France.

Combining his paintings with the philosophy and techniques of traditional Oriental traditions together with the "quest for new ideas" expressed in Western art, Chae Sung-Pil is quickly becoming one of Korea's most established and well-known artists. Chae Sung-Pil's soil palette, collected from various trips around the world and then filtered, diluted with water and mixed with glue, creates an abstract texture on canvas reminiscent of texture of the earth itself. The soil is specially prepared on mulberry paper and often mixed with Chinese ink and powdered silver and gold dust.

The organic mixture is then applied onto the canvas with a large brush or brooklets of water, which interact with the soil through slight tilts in the canvas.




- Red Zone Art Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
- Opera Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
- CC Gallery, Seoul, South Korea,
- Anonymous land, baudoin lebon, Paris, France


- Galerie Shchukin, Paris, France
- Caron Bedout, Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, France


- Saphir Gallery, St Tropez, Paris, France
- Youngeun Museum, Gwangju Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
- Space the Tree, Seoul, South Korea


- Galerie Christine Park, Paris, France
- Gallery AROA, Paris, France


- Gallery Sejul, Seoul, South Korea


- AROA Gallery, Paris, France
- Gallery Outstanding Art, Shanghai, China
- Gallery I, Seoul, South Korea

- Clay and Chines Ink, Galerie Monik Habasté, St Briac, France
- Forest of Yon-woo, Halle de St Briac, France
- Forest of Yon-woo II, Galerie Orangerie du Thabor, Rennes, France
- Forest of Yon-woo III, Halle de Noyal sur Vilaine, Noyal sur Vilaine, France
- Boundary-from the Earth II, gong Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
- Boundary-from the Earth, Moin Gallery, Seoul, South Korea