diary or the promise

romanticized PRIVACY

Flames !

To write because it is to leave a mark.

Not the trace of a memory or the memory of a moment (as photography is doomed to be by its nature) but the trace of sensations. More organic and personal, this is how this project reads the best.

One day an essayist told me that she did not perceive the reality in which we find ourselves through my pictures.

It surprised me and even marked me I think, but I can say today that despite the false artifices that encompass my photographs, it is indeed my reality that I capture.

At the precise moment of the trigger it is the ultimate sensational capture marked forever on the sensitive surface. This is how DIARY is constructed, adorned with romanticized scenes of life, sensuality and pure intimacy.


"DIARY is a personal project which tends to reconnect with an almost forgotten photographic form

nowadays: that of a private diary. "


Child of the city , the urban environment and its lighting have always bathed and accompanied me and I still feel as much fascination to see the curves of a body radiating with the aura of neon lights.


Despite everything, these colored gas lights cannot be summed up by themselves and exist as the very essence of my images. They are the fruit of my sensitivity and my photographic education. Influenced from near or far by the American photography of the seventies, photographers like Stephen Shore or Crewdson a little later sketched raw but timeless paintings testimony of our existence, questioning the place of each one. Color also plays a crucial role in my eyes, I am talking about the one that shouts, which relates or highlights these shortcomings of our societies that go beyond us. These same faults emphasized by Martin Parr or even the Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert and which guide me on a daily basis in my gaze and what I capture from the world. I also see women, an infinite source of inspiration and see in each one the figure of a surrealist muse that I love so much. Free love and nudity tenderly exposed, it is in this sweet and warm atmosphere that I invite the viewer to make love in an art deco hotel room.

In a free composition which nevertheless wants to be constructed and ordered, DIARY exhibits singular images which at first glance function individually, it is by putting them in parallel that another story will be created for the viewer.

My images try to forge a link with myself, like a journal, a sensitive vision of my particular history.


Cliff Chan