Emmanuel de Boisset is passionate about art in many forms: prints, paintings and sculptures but also for the art object and the precious book. In addition to his taste for contemporary figurative art, he specializes in the search for important works illustrating the brilliance of the modern period.

With a double curriculum in France and the Netherlands and marked by many stays abroad, especially in Russia, China and then in India where he lived for several years, Emmanuel is interested in artistic exchanges in the history of relations between East and West. After 15 years of professional experience in the business aviation sector, then in luxury and fashion, he co-founded the Galerie Nord in Lille with Arnaud Pagnier in 2017 then the Galerie Artimagna in Paris. Emmanuel de Boisset participates in several cultural initiatives, public or private. In a strongly entrepreneurial dynamic, he participated in the Young Leaders program of the French-American Foundation in 2009 and 2010.

Emmanuel is in charge of the strategic development of the gallery, commerce and partnerships.

Emmanuel de Boisset, président Artismagna / Galerie Nord

Emmanuel de Boisset