The Kyoto (silent) series

Marc Dubrule

1-4 OCTOBER 2020

56, bd de la Tour-Maubourg

Paris VII

"A simple wooden stick is for me a pure form, poor, and minimal but which contains infinity. I like its finesse, its fragility, its unforeseen detours, its" imperfect "form. Like life .

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This series started in spring 2019, in Provence, in search of stones
polished by water and time, of driftwood in the dry bed of Calavon,

and apricot branches from my Luberon garden. It continued at the feet of the beeches of the Château de Bailleul park in Normandy then, under the humid heat of the Japanese summer, in contact with the maple trees and the gardens of Kyoto.

When I paint, on the floor and in the silence of my workshops, leaning

above the paper, I enter into the very essence of this inert but sensitive nature.

I draw and delicately apply India ink and red ink with a brush
Japanese Momiji, or blue acrylic, and, believe me, there's a lot of love.
I try to get in touch with the paper, its materiality, its texture, this welcoming space which is part of the work. Then I have the feeling of painting the outside of the object, of capturing the void around the full.

I tirelessly seek to bring my experience of nature and the cosmic closer together with Japanese concepts that are dear to me such as the Way of Tea or the Spirit of Mingei.

And I am haunted by the vision of Herman de Vries: "To be impermanent, imperfect, irregular, incomplete, irrational, infinite, unforeseen, timeless, rustic, primitive, but I hope, essential".


Marc Dubrule, 2020

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Galerie Artismagna thanks

Joseph Dubrule (Otium Records, Paris) for his musical creation specially composed for the event.

The download link "The Kyoto (sound) series" is kindly provided by the composer.

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The Kyoto (sound) Series

Galerie Artismagna thanks

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