Jean-christophe donnadieu

Jean-Christophe Donnadieu

Jean-Christophe Donnadieu, born in Brussels, lives and works in Montpellier and at Pic-Saint-Loup.

What does the unique work of Jean-Christophe Donnadieu bring us?

A present undoubtedly: precious things, very learned but sufficiently well "found" so that they are immediately touching.

From all this inspiration drawn from ancient sources, Jean-Christophe Donnadieu makes a delicate work whose meaning is perhaps hidden under an enigma and symbols, but which is seductive for the eye and the mind.

How not to like these compositions which leave a great part to the drawing (because Jean-Christophe is an accomplished draftsman), to the light and to the color ... to the old objects, chosen, carrying meaning, "captured" by works which hold as much of the easel, as of the paper theater or the reliquary.

The eras cross, and are always found in the very contemporary one. She also appears in large compositions painted with a technique worthy of the ancients, allied to the outspokenness of an artist who is completely of his time.

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