Jean Edelbluth

JEAN EDELBLUTH lives and works in Alsace, he graduated from Decorative Arts in Strasbourg.

Poetry is all about the works of Jean Edelbluth.

Collages, drawings and paintings take the form of a verse, a psalm or an entire sonnet.

We will not be surprised to count among the favorite themes, nature and the mystical moments of a light, a meadow, a butterfly flight or a bird song.

The relationship between this background and the form is the strength of a work that interests both geometric abstraction and minimalism.

Pure colors and simple shapes, straight lines and perfect curves are composed with elegance and intelligence.

Jean Edelbluth is a connoisseur of the abstract avant-garde and readily cites Marcelle Cahn, Jean Souverbie and many others as sources of inspiration. He did not ignore very contemporary artists, however, and looked to American and British schools.

An accomplished artist, Jean deploys his personal style with the precision of the craftsman and the reach of sense of the scholar.




- ST.ART Strasbourg, Artismagna Gallery

- ArtUp! Lille, Artismagna Gallery