Marc Dubrule

MARC DUBRULE , born in 1963,

follows the courses of live models of the City of Paris (Adhac) and the School of Fine Arts in summer session. He trained in the history of Art as an auditor at the Ecole du Louvre. He was introduced to Indian ink (sumi-e) in the 1990s during a four-year expatriation in South Korea from which he returned very marked by his meeting with the artists of Dansaekhwa. Art critic for several years for the magazine Mixt (e), business manager, collector, Marc Dubrule creates from his two workshops in Montparnasse and Luberon.

He mixes Buddhist, Mingei and wabi-sabi thoughts with his attraction for simple, clean and primitive forms. He painted in India ink and acrylic on Arches paper, and made opportunistic sculptures of stones, branches and terracotta.

Its themes range from the human figure to a personal observation of nature.

Marc Dubrule realizes his first solo shows in Paris: “Alla Prima (and allusif)”, in 2017, at Studio Ymer & Malta,

then “Do not weigh on the earth” at the Arthème Galerie in November 2018.

He is a guest artist at the first edition of Big Hug Transformation curated by Marina Amada and Nicolas Jardry at Galerie 5 in 2019. Marc Dubrule also contributed to the iconography of JPLD's electro album Asana in 2017 and published “Traits de vie ”, a limited edition artist's book made up of personal texts and drawings.



- Lille ArtUp, Artismagna Gallery