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CircumNavigations exhibition !

Bertrand de Miollis


Jean-Christophe Buisson

Le Figaro Magazine


"Bertrand de Miollis is one of those unusual beings capable of traveling with the same grace around their room and around the world. Better: to share with their neighbor the feelings that these motionless or mobile Circumnavigations inspire them, through a work delicate, sensitive and evocative.

Behind these calm or rough seas, these narrow streets, dark or sunny, these blue coves and these trees pink by the setting sun, these chic or empty hotels reproduced by the artist, member of the glorious company of official painters of the navy since 2018,

a deceptively serene temperament is revealed… and a sparkling talent. Yesterday, in his notebooks covered with shapes and colors brought back from trips or reports in Central Asia and Africa, by boat or motorbike, in quiet places or in theaters of war; today, on his canvases which also navigate - between the abstract and the figurative, joy and bitterness, lyricism and austerity.

Always Miollis sparkles, everywhere his art sparkles. "


Antoine Michelland

Magazine Point of View

"His studio is the world, with its jolts, its beauties, its endlessly renewed infinities. He nourishes his work as do his dreams, his inner journey. From November 3 to 8, the artist was to exhibit at the Galerie Artismagna its CircumNavigations! Reinvented today, it is an open window on the internet, enough to breathe in these confined times.


With him, life rediscovers its colors like a face rosy by the caress of the open air which runs at the end of the horizon. They burst, energized, sun-drenched or more muffled, honeyed, still vibrant with the heat of the day that was gone. It is because through his new exhibition CircumNavigations !, Bertrand de Miollis has the portable easel, whether along the N1 road, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, under the Moscow sky, or under the Shanghai night. However, the time for his travel diaries, which took him to all the other parts of the earth and the seas, is a long time ago. The artist has matured, he is not satisfied with restoring what he sees on the spot, he infuses, reworks in the studio, delivers a very personal look where the imagination guides him, where the association of colors, intuitive, sometimes approach of abstraction (...)

He tracks down the impression of what he has lived, layers a mental landscape on the canvas, invites to follow a path that is also interior,

as in the series of chairs, orphaned by their occupants and yet carrying a presence. Animated. Also official painter of the Navy since last year Bertrand will be leaving, but his journey is just as much in his gaze, his way of seeing the world around him and the one that awaits him. "

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