Pascale Hemery / Capitals
  • Pascale Hemery / Capitals

    Uppercase letters

    Pascale hemery

    Artist's book, n ° 4/70

    h.35 cm X l.25 cm

    1000 €

    • About CAPITALES

      70 copies of the artist's book CAPITALES were printed on 270 g Arches vellum.

      The book, made up of ten original drawings by Pascale Hémery on ten poems by Michael Edwards, from the Académie française , is dedicated to the cities of Dublin, Amsterdam, New York, Lisbon, Madrid, Brussels, London, Berlin, Paris.

      It was produced and printed using a photo-lithography process on the presses of Bruno Robbe's workshop in Framerie (Belgium) in 2018. Composed of 9 double sheets and 1 sheet in 3 sections