For the 13th edition of the contemporary art fair ArtUp! in Lille,

the Artismagna Gallery has chosen a strong theme: Monochrome Nature

@ The lonely one

Marc Dubrule, 2019


Minimalism is not a prerogative of Art.

By simplifying and preserving the figuration in what it has most perfect without making it entirely abstract, the painter, the sculptor or the designer are inspired by what Nature gives them to see and understand. Hills and rivers, the trees that border them, the tall plants and their flowers are the most perfect forms there is.

Can the artist's talent be measured against this perfection?
By capturing the pure color and the right line, it is a strong and delicate representation that is painted on the canvas, carved in the mass or sketched on the paper.
On the occasion of the 13th edition of the Lille Artup fair,
our catalog offers a poetic and personal access to that artistic minimalism that the artists represented are striving for.

We wish you to appreciate it without detour: by letting yourself be seized by the first emotion aroused by these works inspired by a simple and graceful nature.

Good discovery,

Arnaud Pagnier, Artistic Director

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